Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crab Bot Concepts, pt2!

Second part of the Crab Bot concept. It really can't be called a crab. There's no claws. It only has 4 legs too. So, it can't be a spider bot...Nor a Scorpion bot. It's a weird robot.

Matthew Sherry's website

Thanks Nick for Matthew's site!

Now, check out Kinematifest anyways!!

Crab Bot Concepts

A concept for my friends and I to work on. A design for a specific type of robot in Cathy Catastrophe.
Just the first two designs. The last design will either be an addition to this post, or in the next.

I met a group of students from St. Louis at Siggraph not too long ago. My group and theirs clicked almost instantly. It was pretty awesome. And our skills really complement one another.
So, here's to hoping my friend Matt can animate this!

Of course, it has to be built first. So, I'm pretty sure my friend Nick is taking care of that.

And as for their websites, I need to find them for proper credit.