Saturday, September 12, 2009

Essentially, it's like watercolor you can drink.

The name of the game at Art & Coffee

For the longest, I wanted to do something like this, but never could figure out how to get the lead/ink to stay while I painted.

The solution was to use blue or red lead as the sketch, paint, let dry, then draw in graphite over the sketch lines.

After I'm done, unless you want it then, I usually spray fixative over it. You can't smell the coffee anymore, but it keeps the graphite from smearing.

I tried using ink after painting too, but it ends up making too much contrast for the image.

Also, I haven't experimented with different blends of coffee. But what makes the mix darker is more coffee ground rather than water. Saxby's coffee was much darker and gave a lot more contrast than Starbuck's brew. But Saxby's had coffee grounds with water instead of just ordered coffee. Go figure.

By the way, I do coffee sketch cards (2'' x 3 1/2'') for $10.
Without it's $5 bucks.

An 8'' x 11 1/2'' with coffee is $20
Same size is $10 without.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So, Art & Coffee Was a Success!

ArtLoveMagic rocked
Ended the night with a good chunk of change to take home. But, what was even better was all the people who showed up to it!

My family came out and stayed for a bit.
Tessa and her sis came out to see me, which was real cool.
A ton of my friends.
And my friends from my old work place at Hobby Lobby! About 3/4ths of them came out which was real cool.

So the night was a success.

My Batman picture sold a bunch, which I'll post up in a bit.
And, true to the name, I painted with coffee.

My scanner's been dead for about a week or two now. So I'll scan what I have left over when I have the chance. Lol.