Thursday, May 22, 2014

Environment Practice

Hey folks! Finals are going on! Yay. It feels like that's been going on for about 3 weeks... Probably because it has. In my Environments class, our task was to design the same location with two different moods. I again chose my Steampunk team in 1918. They renovated a recently vacated 1912 firehouse and used it as an HQ for some time. 

The first mood is "Optimistic." They first get the HQ an start solving cases involving the robotic members of society. Either proving their innocence or guilt. 

The second mood, "Depressing," is after a team member dies and everything that can go wrong does.

For the assignment, adding in elements outside of the main structure wasn't a big concern. But that's the biggest inclusion I want to add to these images. Anything that gives the location a specific time frame and location will really sell this piece. The building itself is solid and the water is a great effect and I learned a lot, but I'll be adding other textures and include time specific vehicles as well. 

Another note, I've read enough Sin City for one week. It was a huge inspiration for the Depressing mood.