Saturday, May 19, 2012

Comic Buys

All my buys from Titan Comics

So I decided to skip Dallas Comic Con this year. I didn't feel compelled to spend $20 to get in in order to spend $70+ dollars on great art & rare comics. So a friend (Jess) and I hit up Titan Comics.

No I've never played Valkyria Chronicles, but the art hooked me. Between the the wrap around cover and sheer volume of finished work, models, and unused drawings, I went ahead and picked it up. And yeah, Titan ended up carrying the Valkyria Chronicles 2 art book as well.

Shrapnel Graphic Novel? At half off? That was a steal. I bought the single issues a long while ago and stopped at the last two issues before the series was done.
I'm a sucker for the Sonic series. I started reading it as a kid and they've been doing great things with it so I hear. Guilty pleasure as charged.
Adventure Time? Yes. Adventure Time.
And Mega Man. I figured if the Sonic Series is good, I might as well check out another title that I used to like. And yeah, it's adorable.

Anyways, I'll catch it next year.

In other news.
Photoshop is working for me again.

I bought CS4, and for some reason, between an Nvida Geoforce GTX graphics card & an i7 Processor, Photoshop CS4 decided to be slow on me. Nothing else did that to me, from Manga Studio, to Illustrator and Flash. Sense my frustration now?

Apparently there's a feature I had to turn off called OpenGL Drawing. Doesn't make sense, but whatever.

I'm back in business for working in Photoshop.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Classy Art Nouveau Knight

I decided to put together my love of women with swords & Art Nouveau together.

In other news, I've been neglecting this blog on purpose actually. I took a much needed absence drawing, working, and writing; generally getting my chops up and removing the possible distraction of caring what other people thinking about my artwork. Once I get in that mode, it's hard to get out. It was just best to get out of that climate and focus on me & my art personally.

For the next long while, I'll be continually updating this site with a new project that's been in the works for a while. It's been an odyssey working on it & a great pleasure to share with you all.

Until my next post, enjoy the art.